MyCorporation vs. RocketLawyer: Which LLC Site is Best?

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Thinking of incorporating your business? There are a lot of services out there for creating a corporation or LLC, some are cheap, some are expensive, some have good customer service, and some that won't answer any calls. Among the top services that have solid reputations, I've found these three vendors to be the best value, provide the best service, and have the best websites for creating your corporation / LLC online.

#1 MyCorporation

You can incorporate using MyCorporation for just $149. Their incorporation process is fast and simple - you just go through the online form, which is fairly easy to navigate, sort of like TurboTax, and within minutes your incorporation files are ready to submit. They will process your documentation and provided that you have provided valid and correct information, they will Fedex you your new Articles of Incorporation completed and ready for your signature. Use this link and code MYFREE to save $149 on your incorporation.

#2 Rocketlawyer

I used Rocketlawyer for filing my LLC as well. They are running a free offer where you can get your incorporation documents completed for free! It comes as a part of a free trial to the Rocketlawyer legal forms service. I actually subscribe to the Rocketlawyer service, its only $49 per month, but you get unlimited access to all the legal forms you'll need for your business. You just find the form (Leasing, Tax, Employment, BIll of Sale, Power of Attorney, etc) and fill it out online, and you can have a in-house attorney at Rocketlawyer review it. Quite a bargain for $49 per month. Click here and use code FREELEGAL to create a FREE LCC.

#3 Socrates Media

Socrates Media is the poor cousin to Rocketlawyer - its simliar in that they provide you with access to a complete database of legal forms, but its cheaper and you don't get any help from in-house lawyers. You just find the forms you need, download them and fill them out yourself. The site is easy to use and its simple to find any form you need. Socrates is very complete, you'll find every type of business, real estate, contracting, and employment legal form you'll ever need. Plus its cheap, most forms are just $9 each. Follow this link and use code FORMS20 for a limited-time 20% discount on your order.



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